Using Laminated Cotton

I love laminated cotton and think at we just don’t use it enough in Australia.  Americans have always had a love of this wonderful material and so today I would like to share some ideas and sewing tips with you.

What is Laminated Cotton:

Laminated cotton is a high quality cotton sheeting with a thin layer of polyurethane film adhered to the right side of the fabric. It’s soft and drapes and even gathers nicely.  It is PVC, BPA and Lead free.   It has a slight sheen to it and is waterproof and easy to clean.  You can make all sorts of things with laminated cotton starting with the simple projects like baby bibs, baby change mats, splash mats for both baby and pet, shower caps, lunch bags.   You can also make the more advanced projects like cosmetic bags, garment bags and raincoats.  The list is really endless.

Tips when working with Laminated Cotton:

  • When using Laminated cotton remember to use your “walking foot”  or a  “Teflon foot”, this will make for smoother sewing. I also use the “walking foot” for top stitching and just adjust my needle position.  Really the only time I don’t use the “walking foot” is when I am putting in a zipper and then I use the “zipper foot”.
  • Use a sharp needle such as a microtex size 70/80 that way it will pearce through the fabric better.
  • Using pins will leave holes in your laminate so either pin only within the seam or use quilter clips or I just use the small butterfly clips.
  • Washing,  well some say you can machine wash and some say you can’t machine wash and should just wipe down.  I say with items like baby bibs if they need to be washed then throw them in the washing machine on a gentle wash,  it will be fine.   However things like table cloths and cushions,  they should just need a wipe down.  That way you don’t have to worry about getting out the wrinkles. 
  • Talking about wrinkles,  I iron my laminated cotton face down so I am ironing on the cotton side (or the wrong side) of the fabric with a hot iron.  You can also just leave it out in the sun.   However when you need to iron the right side of the fabric say when you a marking straps for a bag then make sure you use an ironing cloth.  I use a piece of silk chiffon as it can take high temperatures without burning.  
  • One word of warning is that laminated cotton is not UV protected.   So if you are going to use it outdoors as a table cloth or cushion it is best not to placed them in the direct sunlight for any length of time.