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Children’s Sewing Classes


This class is designed for those children who are keen to learn how to use a sewing machine to make fabric items and ideal for ages 9-15 years.

When:  Every Saturday

Time:     9am – 12 noon  or   1pm – 4pm

Cost :     $35.00 per child  + material costs



Maximum of 4 children


This class runs every Saturday, I will update the availability for the following month during the last week of the current month.


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What can your child get out of sewing?    There are so many things that children can get from learning to sew.   First they learn to focus.   Kids usually come into a class all chatty and excited about the prospect of making some thing and perhaps meeting new friends but believe me towards to the end of the class there is usually less noise and more focus as they concentrate on how to control feeding fabric though a sewing machine whilst controlling how fast machine is going!    Children also feel a since of empowerment.    Once I explain that they are in control of a piece of machinery and that they need to focus on how to use it, then they feel empowered and important as they realise it is only them who can control the actions of the sewing machine.


Children also get a great sense of pride and achievement when they make something useful!    One of my students who as been  with me for over a year now, can make her own clothes.  When asked by her friends where she got her PJ’s or top she is wearing she proudly advises them that she made it herself.


They also learn to use some life skills like maths and english.   Without children even realising it, they are using maths skills and they expand their vocabulary every time they come into one of my classes.


So what will happen in the class.  Well all children will work at their own pace and level and will work on any number of different projects.       I usually start children off with becoming familiar with the functions of a sewing machine and teaching them how to sew the very basics like straight and curved lines.     Then I go on to teach them how to measure, cut and sew a Cushion cover (envelope style), Tote bag.    Following this I will go on to teach any number of crafty projects that are age appropriate.


What to bring:

You don’t have to bring anything if you don’t already have it, however should your child have their own sewing machine bring it along with its manual, as well as general sewing items like sewing scissors, pins, sewing pencil/taylor chalk, white cotton.

Each new project will have its own Material Kit, these kits range from $12 – $35 depending on what project the student will be making.    The Material Kits cover the cost of fabric, thread, zippers, sewing papers, elastic etc, anything that is needed to complete a project.   Larger projects that may cost more than $35 I consult with the parent before starting.

With regards to a sewing machine please do not buy your child a cheap machine for them just to come to class with, as some machines are just not worth even the little amount they are asking.  I will be more than happy to discuss what machine is best should you wish to purchase one for your child.


Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellations or no shows are subject to the full $35.00 tuition fee if within 24 hours.



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Terms and Conditions:

  • First lesson is to be paid for via either Direct Debit or PayPal at checkout
  • Fees are for tuition only.
  • Should your child wish to continue with classes after they have attended their first then you can simply book directly with me at the studio and pay as you go.
  • Any cancellations or no shows are subject to the full $35.00 tuition fee if within 24 hours.

Additional information


Saturday 2 November 9am-12noon, Saturday 2 November 1-4pm, Saturday 9 November 9am-12noon, Saturday 9 November 1-4pm, Saturday 16 November 9am-12noon, Saturday 16 November 1-4pm, Saturday 23 November 9am-12noon, Saturday 23 November 1-4pm, Saturday 30 November 9am-12noon, Saturday 30 November 1-4pm