Handmade Felt


Over my many years of working with all sorts of fibre mediums I discovered the art of felt making. Unlike sewing and needlepoint where everything has to be precise and accurate, wet felting allows me to relax, experiment and really enjoy the art of making my own fabric without worrying if it will all fit at the end. In felt making there are rarely any mistakes or failures, it is just a creative process and the great thing is if you do stuff up you can always cut the fabric up and use it in another project. How wonderful is that! So what is wet felting, well it is an ancient art dating back to the Bronze Age (1400-500 BC) and is thought to predate woven or spun fabric.

Felting is the manipulation of wool with water, soap and friction to create fabric. Felting with wool allows me to create like no other medium. Wool along with the help of beautiful yarns and silks helps me to create a piece of fabric that has its own personality with a character of its own originality. Felted wool can be as soft as a feather and worn as a beautiful garment, or worked hard and moulded to shape into a vase and tough enough to be used as a floor rug.

Please take a look in my  shop  for work that is currently for sale.  All my wraps and scarves are one off creations and are impossible to duplicate exactly.    Floral brooch colours will change all the time, so please to not hesitate to buy if you like a particular colour combination.

Wanting something custom made?  Then please contact me either via the  contact page  or by phone and I would be more than happy to make something unique just for you.

Are you interested in making something yourself?   I have a number of workshops that run from April to September.   It really is quite easy and a lot of fun, just pop over to my  classes  page for all the details.


    Black and white nuno hand felted scarf       IMG_0003_Fotor    Red wool felted scarf   


Felted wool scarf with holes and silk      nuno felted floral wrap 2_Fotor