2022 classes

Who is excited about 2022!


2021 was a little messy with Covid still interfering with our lives and the need to cancel a few of my classes.   Lets hope 2022 will be better.


If you are waiting for me to set my classes dates then please be patient with me!   This year I will be starting my classes a little later than normal.  This is for a number of reasons.  One, so I have a little more time to get creative and come up with some new class ideas and two, to take a family holiday in February.

It is hard to teach and to build new classes, it takes time.   Time to firstly come up with an idea that will work, and secondly it takes time to make the sample so you can then photograph it and set it up on the website.   So that is why I have given myself some extra time this year instead of going like a crazy person.    Although truth be known, I still go like a crazy person!

So what is install?    Firstly, my kids classes.   These will continue in the same format as last year.  I will hold them most Saturday morning and/or afternoon.   Kids will still be working at their own pace and level to complete various projects.     I will also continue with my winter and spring school holiday programmes which were disrupted because of Covid last year.


Adult sewing classes.   I will be continuing with most of my regular class with a few additions.   Quilt as you go is very popular and I have decided to continue the journey with some different styles of Quilt as you go.

Quilt as you Go cushion covers by Lynne Wilson designs


Adult stitch and embroidery classes.   These have also been popular and to compliment the beginners class I now have “the journey continues” classes 2,3 and 4.      Along with these classes I will add some classes based on Wendy Williams projects.   I am pretty excited about this as I love working with 100% wool felt, silk floss and other embroidery threads.

The adult sewing and stitch/embroidery classes will start up in March.

Wendy Williams Embroidery


Adult felting classes.   These classes will start up in  May and I will be doing some new things but just not sure about these yet!

Painting with Wool


Ok so as you can see I have a lot to do before I reopen my classes!

If this is your first time at The Fabric and Felt Studio website and would like to know more about my classes please follow this link to find out more.   If you would like to be advised when the classes come online then sign up to my email list.  I know people are weary of signing up to email lists, however  I don’t send out many emails and as Facebook has taken control on what people see now on their platform it is the only way I can guarantee you will see any of my future events.   In saying that still please follow me on either Facebook or Instagram!

I look forward to meeting you in my Studio!