Felting Classes

Felting is an ancient craft, thought to have been discovered thousands of years ago when wool was put into leather moccasins to keep the cold out. The pressure of walking, combined with moist conditions, matted the fibre into a warm fabric.

The art has moved on and now we can enjoy the benefits of recent inventions, such as bubble wrap to help create felt fabric.

Fine pulled wool rovings (fibres) are layered onto a sheet of bubble wrap with fibres such as silk and recycled fabric to create a textural contrast and design.

With the work held in place with tulle, soapy water is used to wet the materials down.

Felting – the bonding together of the fibres – begins when a second layer of bubble wrap goes on top and the work is wrapped around a rod to be rolled back and forth on a table.

The fiction causes the fibres to fuse together to form a colourful fabric that can then be used for any textile project.

I will be running my annual felting classes starting from June and running through to September, with a little Christmas felting in December.    Suitable for everyone with no knowledge of felting needed.

Each classes offers an insight into a different felting techniques.


I combine the Felted Flowers and Pod classes together, these classes are a great introduction to felting as they are quick and easy.

The flowers can be used as a brooch or can adorn a hat or bag or even make a great decorative ornament.  Pods is an introduction to working with “resist” to create 3 dimensional object.  Once you have learnt the art of “resist” then there is no limit to what you can make.




Felted Nuno Classes.  Nuno felting is a felting technique developed by Australian Artist, Polly Stirling.     The name is derived from the Japanese word “nuno” meaning cloth.    The technique bonds loose wool fibres onto a sheer fabric such as silk, creating a lightweight felt.




Felted scarf using wool.   This class creates a warm lightweight wrap.  Using a prefelt which is wool fibres that have been partially felt,  you embellish it with wool, silks and other fibres to create any design.




Felted Slipper Boots.     A new class this year, this class uses the “resist” techniques to create soft, warm breathable slippers boots.




Painting with Wool – Hoop Art.     This is a fun class where you can let your imagination go wild and paint what ever you heart desires.    You can come up with your own design or recreate something that you have seen.




Christmas wreath.   Made using a wire base wrapped in burlap ribbon then embellished with hand felted flowers. Use them on the door or as a table decoration.




Christmas Baubles.   This is a great class to do as a group, so grab some friends and come and make as many baubles as you can!   Using a polystyrene ball we cover it with wool fibres and felt it up add some beautiful Vandoros ribbon, embellished it with beads and sequins to create a work of art to hang on the Christmas Tree.