Crochet Classes

Did you know that Crocheting can improve your memory, concentration and sense of calm!  It’s true!   But I already knew that, I am just trying to spread the word.

I invite you to calm your senses by spending a few hours in my colourful inspiring studio and learn the easy craft of crocheting    I won’t lie, to start with, it is a little trying but by the end of the first hour you will not be able to put it down.   And don’t say there is no use in learning because you don’t have anytime in the day to do it, as this craft is so transportable you can do it anywhere; on the train or bus; waiting for an appointment; watching TV.

And did I mention there are so many wonderful and useful things you can make using a crochet hook!





Crochet classes run every month both for beginners and for those wanting to be kept inspired.   Next class is Thursday 16 May 6.30pm – 9pm

Cost is $35.00   For full details and to book please go to


And if you need more convincing that crocheting can affect your well-being then checkout this article