Kids sewing up some fun at The Studio

Every Saturday morning from 9am to 12 noon and then again from 1pm to 4pm, you will hear Disney movie themed music coming from within my little Studio, while my keen sewers challenge themselves to making something new.

I don’t like to over crowd my Studio and due to the way I like to run my classes I only have a maximum of four students at any one time.      I could just say I only have a maximum of four “girls” at any one time,  however I am hopeful that some day I will have a “boy” student!     Some of my students come every week, some come once a month and others twice a month.   It is really up to the individual.   I have designed my classes so that it doesn’t  matter how often the kids can make it.

The first lesson  starts with getting to learn how to use the sewing machine, which can be a little daunting for a young child.      They have fun learning how to sewing straight and curved lines as well as circles and squares, zig zag stitch (which seems to be everyones favourite…not sure why though??)  and seams.     By the end of the first lesson the student will take away a pin cushion that they have machine sewn, stuffed and hand sewn closed.     Pin cushions are very important in a sewing room, especially around kids!       The projects following this helps the student gain confidence by gradually working on different aspects of sewing, things like pinning and cutting a pattern, measuring with a sewing gauge/tape, sewing seams without marked sewing lines and adding fun trims and zippers to their projects.     Not only are the girls having fun but they are also learning a little maths along with way!

Some of the younger children may need two lessons to finish the same project that their older sister finished in one lesson, but that’s ok!   No one should be made to feel rushed as it is all about the experience!

As each student accomplishes a project their confidence builds and so too does their skill base.

Each new project requires a “material kit”  however all the hassle of finding time or worrying about what fabric should you be buying is eliminated as The Studio offers a beautiful, fun and colourful array of fabrics that the students just love choosing from.


My Saturday morning and afternoon kids sewing classes are not only educational but fun as well, so if you have a creative child that you think would love to join me for some sewing fun, book them in now!




img_3844       lara-and-emma-kids-sewing-class    2016-09-29-16_fotor     Kids sewing classes    the fabric and felt studio kids sewing