Felting Classes

Hi everyone!    Earlier this year I teamed up with Kath Chown, Manager/Owner of Handmade High Street here in Brisbane to do a one off beginners felting class.    Well it was a fantastic day with 13 lovely women all excited about learning a new craft and me excited to see what everyone would produce.   I say that because felting is not like some other crafts where you will be shown how to do a certain task and your aim is to duplicate that task to the best of your ability so your end product looks like the teachers.  Oh no felting is unique because although I show you how the process of felting making is done, it is the individual that make their work their own.   Take my flower workshop for instance.  I have a distinct why of shaping my flowers and this is what I show/teach in my workshop but once the student start, every flower is completely unique, not one of them looks like mine or each others. It’s fantastic!   Take a look at some of these beauties made by some of my past students and you will notice that every one of the flowers are unique with their makers individuality in them.

Felted flowers 3_FotorFelted flowers 5_FotorFelted flowers 7_FotorFelted flowers 9_FotorFelted flowers 10_Fotor

These flowers a usually used as brooches but I got this beautiful photo off one of my student who had felted a hat and used her flower to embellish it.  Just gorgeous!


Student felted flower_Fotor



Interested in a felting workshop?  Just visit my “classes” page of my website and you can checkout all the up and coming workshops for 2015.